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EBRS 2022 congress

Submit a poster


July 24th to 28th, 2022

Poster Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is closed

Poster Information and Abstract Requirements

46 poster presenters will be invited to present their work in a 15 Minute short talk during the conference. These posters will be chosen by an independant committee in June 2022.



Portrait (not landscape) , maximum size A0
which is max. 90cm (3ft.) wide x 120cm ( 4ft.) high.


Provided by EBRS at the conference in Zurich

  1. Wall space for your poster.
  2. Each presentation will be assigned a number, which you will find on the top left side of your poster wall, and in the program.
  3. Push pins for you to pin your poster to the poster wall.


Tips for presenters

  1. Be prepared and bring business cards or some other means of quickly distributing your name and address to interested participants. You may also wish to provide sign-up sheets to record names and addresses of attendees who might want more information, reprints, etc.
  2. Providing a limited number of preprints of your presentation for the most interested attendees can prove very helpful.
  3. Have a three minute oral abstract prepared, but do not do all the talking. Be prepared to “exchange" information, not just pass it out. Open questions to the audience are great to start discussions on the topic.
  4. Do not allow any one participant to "monopolize" your time.
  5. Consider bringing a pen and pad of paper with you to jot down ideas or to illustrate points during your discussion with attendees.



Opening of abstract registration: 09. February 2022

Deadlines for poster abstract submission:

- to be considered for the presentation of your poster at the congress as a short talk and/or be eligible for a travel grant (max. CHF 500): 31. May 2022

Registration to be eligible for travel grant and/or short talk now closed.
Winners will be notified by 30. June 2022

All travel grant and short talk winners have been notified. If you did not receive such an email, then you are welcome to present a poster at one of the poster sessions.

- to only present your poster during one of the three poster sessions: 20. July 2022

Any abstracts submitted after 20. July 2022 will not be included in the abstract overview booklet. This abstract overview booklet only will be on the website as PDF.  No printed versions of the abstract booklet will be available at the congress


Deadline for registration to event: 25. July 2022

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